The Three Honest Income Programs.

Program 1. Is a paying job. The company pays you to do Internet research for them and submit articles on that research. The monthly fee is $29.98 but they give you the first month free. There is no selling or recruiting involved in this program though they do have an excellent Internet marketing training section. You will be in profit with this program your first month and will make about $500 if you work 2 hours a day. There is no opportunity to make more with this as they have a cap on daily submissions.

Program 2. Is a company that has their own health related products. They pay you a portion of your ad expense to promote their products. There is no cost to join. Your ad fees will be about $150 a month. You will make between $100 and $250 profit each month and you WILL be in profit the first month. There is selling involved, but there is no recruiting.

Program 3. Is a complex advertising system. It is the last program in the book because it is recommended you do the other programs for about 4 to 6 months before you start this one. The costs are $19.95 for the program and then $180 a month for all the ad sources. You will not be in profit until your 4th month. You will probably make about $1200 a month by your 6th month.
It will not increase beyond that because of the nature of the program.
No, you will not be emailing anyone personally. Each part of the system will send out your ads for you to the lead sources. The system to be done in this order so that there is never any out of pocket expenses. If you follow the step by step instructions you WILL make money. If you look at the site, you will see the amounts.
These are maximum amounts. You won't get rich doing this.
That's not what the program is designed to do. It is designed to give
you an honest income and that's what it WILL do!

60 Day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So you have NOTHING to lose!

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Russell Walker


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